NameProgramming LanguageShort DescriptionLinks
Coding Guide Linemainly C++, but also useful for other languages A guideline how to write easily readable and maintainable code Html-Version

Object Oriented Programming

NameProgramming LanguageShort DescriptionLinks
Introduction into Object Oriented Programmingcode itself is C++, but most of the explanations are also valid and helpful for other OO-Languages Introduction into Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns. English pdf-Version
Zip with code examples and solutions
deutsche pdf Fassung
State Machines in Programs code itself is C++, but state machines can be used in any language How to use state machines to avoid side effects and garantuee well defined behaviour of progams at any time Html-Version


NameProgramming LanguageShort DescriptionLinks
RenderToSurfacecode itself is C++ implemented for DirectX9 Render a mesh directly to a surface. Html-Version
Zip with source code

Multi-Threaded Programming

NameProgramming LanguageShort DescriptionLinks
Multi-Threaded JavaJava Multi-threaded programming with java Html-Version
Zip with source code and binaries

Artificial Intelligence

NameCategoryShort DescriptionLinks
FreeDoko AiCard Game Description of the different algorithms used for the card game Doppelkopf to implement an AI in FreeDoko Results as PDF


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